Jerry Jeff Walker Memorial Tribute


What a tribute to Jerry Jeff that tickets to his musical memorial sold out so quickly. However, we are truly sad that so many wishing to attend are now unable to.

We want everyone to be a part of this special evening so we are working on setting up a live stream that you will be able to access June 5 at 7pm central from the Jerry jeff website. Hopefully you can have your own Memorial party with friends and join us in celebrating the life and music of Jerry Jeff.

We will keep you posted here as we work out the details. There will also be a live broadcast on radio and will have those specifics soon as well.

Please know how much we appreciate your loyalty and affection for Jerry Jeff and his music. We think this show will be a special one and hope you will all be there for it....even if virtually!

Susan & family





JUNE 5TH, 2021


Many factors led to the decision to hold the musical tribute to Jerry Jeff in Luckenbach, but mainly his truly loving relationship with Hondo Crouch, which led Jerry Jeff to plant roots in Texas and to the 1973 recording of Viva Terlingua.

In debating how to make this as comfortable for all concerned, it became obvious if we have a free show it be impossible to have any control on capacity. This just will not work in the days of COVID-19, so we decided to sell tickets with the monies going to help pay for the life sized bronze we have commissioned of Jerry Jeff and Hondo to permanently reside under the trees in Luckenbach. The artist has been chosen and is already working….he promises there will be a marquette for all to see on June 5th!

There will be seated as well as general admission tickets available….with the general admission you will be able to distance and still enjoy the show.

We have also added a songwriter’s show in the dancehall on Friday, June 4th that will be by Django. These tickets will be limed to 250 and will go on sale March 16th along with the tribute. The dancehall hold twice as many so we are considering health precautions here as well. Also, the dancehall doors and windows will be open so you can enjoy the show at a distance if you want.

Luckenbach Texas will be closed to all others for both events.

The artists involved will be representative of Jerry Jeff’s entire musical career from New York to Key West to Nashville and finally Texas. The lineup will not be announced prior to the event. As always we are making sure the Tried and True fans have first chance at tickets, so please mark your calendar if you wish to attend. The capacity is set and they are gone there are no more!!!

My Hero

By Django Walker

  • My Hero didn’t fly
  • He never wore a cape
  • It was blue jeans and a cowboy hat most of the days
  • He was stubborn as an Ox
  • Never wanted fame
  • And knows the fastest way to get you from Lubbock to Le Grange

Family Statement

As the family is absorbed by our own grief, we are aware that it is shared by so many of you. Your texts and emails have all been read and be assured have given us comfort. It is impossible for us to respond to each individual, so please know how much it has meant to the family and accept our gratitude. The tributes have all been such an acknowledgement of what Jerry Jeff and his music have meant to so many around the world.

We will smile again when we are ready to hear that beautiful, soulful voice…but for now we mourn. We will keep you posted on plans for a musical tribute. For many reasons it will not be in the near future.

Bless you all and thank you for being tried and true friends to Jerry Jeff and all of us.

Susan, Jessie, and Django

UPDATE: JJW arrived safely in the afterlife and was greeted by Hondo with “Scare me! What took you so long…and they both burst out laughing!” (From reliable sources…in other words, not Fox News)