It's The Faces I Remember

By Jerry Jeff Walker October 2020

  • I’ve lost so many friends now
  • my life seems like a dream
  • all the things we did with joy
  • and all that laughter in between
  • the times that we were rascals
  • and the poetry we shared
  • they said our heads were in the clouds
  • but I said our hearts were everywhere

My Hero

By Django Walker

  • My Hero didn’t fly
  • He never wore a cape
  • It was blue jeans and a cowboy hat most of the days
  • He was stubborn as an Ox
  • Never wanted fame
  • And knows the fastest way to get you from Lubbock to Le Grange

Family Statement

As the family is absorbed by our own grief, we are aware that it is shared by so many of you. Your texts and emails have all been read and be assured have given us comfort. It is impossible for us to respond to each individual, so please know how much it has meant to the family and accept our gratitude. The tributes have all been such an acknowledgement of what Jerry Jeff and his music have meant to so many around the world.

We will smile again when we are ready to hear that beautiful, soulful voice…but for now we mourn. We will keep you posted on plans for a musical tribute. For many reasons it will not be in the near future.

Bless you all and thank you for being tried and true friends to Jerry Jeff and all of us.

Susan, Jessie, and Django

UPDATE: JJW arrived safely in the afterlife and was greeted by Hondo with “Scare me! What took you so long…and they both burst out laughing!” (From reliable sources…in other words, not Fox News)